God Loves You

The ideal family is a mom,dad.and a brother with a picket fence and a dog. I didn’t have the ideal family. My mom left the earth on June 9 2009. She suffered from lupus and had Stage 4 lung cancer. Shortly after. things started to crumble piece by piece. I learned about isolation at a very young age. Before my mom passed, I wasn’t really around my family. The only time I was able to be around them was during my birthday parties.

As I got older I started to be around my family because me and my dad lived with my aunt sandra. We lost our home and couldn’t pay for it anymore so we had to go stay somewhere. After living with my aunt we ended up living with my beautician.

We finally had a place to stay permanently… I say all this to say that even though you might not have a mom or dad around to provide. God will happily take their place and give you what you need.


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