How I Came To Christ

Sometimes I think I don’t have a real good coming to Christ story. God didn’t come to me in a dream nor did I have a life or death experience that made me accept him as my lord and savior. My dad was the one who would pressure me into getting baptized. He would always tell me “you need to know where your soul is going” and “Dad can’t make the choice for you.” Every Sunday I would have this tug in my heart and it would bother me to the point where I couldn’t stay still. One weekend I prayed to God and told him that if he brings my family to church on Sunday I’ll get up from the pew and give my life to you. I ended up not doing it because my excuse was I wasn’t able to get out the pew.

The next weekend I prayed to God to push me up off the pew. I just needed help. I knew who Jesus was and why he did what he did but I was afraid of drowning. Praying to God to push me to get up was a big step in regards to faith. That Sunday I was able to give my life to Christ.

Everyone’s coming to Christ story might not be like everyone else’s but I know that God hears prayers and he’ll see you through anything.


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